Joint Session IG Metadata, WG Metadata Standards Catalog, IG Data in Context - RDA 13th Plenary Meeting

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11 Jan 2019
Meeting agenda: 

Meeting title

Joint Session of Metadata Groups (Remote Access Instructions)


Meeting Location: Commonwealth B


Collaborative session notes:


Short introduction describing the scope of the groups and if any previous activities

The Metadata Interest Group serves as an umbrella group for all aspects of metadata for research data. In particular, it coordinates the efforts of the Working Groups concerned with metadata to provide a coherent approach to metadata. The Metadata Interest Group also is responsible for defining the metadata element set intended to become a RDA recommendation. Data in Context Interest Group deals with use cases and harmonizing terminology for contextual metadata to encourage interoperation. The Metadata Standards Catalog Working Group maintains a machine-readable catalog of metadata standards to encourage re-use and increased harmonization among the communities.


Additional links to informative material related to the group

Metadata Interest Group: 
Data in Context Interest Group:
Metadata Standards Catalog Working Group:
Metadata Elements:


Meeting objectives

Metadata is a critical component of the RDA vision for researchers and innovators to openly sharing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society. Metadata enables researchers and users to understand the structure, limitations, definition and description of not just data but also software and computational environments. The Metadata Interest Group would like to reach out to other RDA Interest Groups and Working Groups where metadata is important to the goals of their group.


The objectives of this joint session are:

  1. Present the current status of the Metadata Standards Catalog and the transition to a maintenance group;
  2. Present the current status of the metadata element set and next steps;
  3. Ensure coordination among the metadata groups and representatives of domain (subject area) groups and other infrastructure groups attending; identify cross-group liaisons among the groups
  4. Discuss status of the Data in Context IG and call for a new co-chair


Meeting agenda (slides)

  • Welcome, Introductions, and Review Objectives of the Meeting
  • Metadata Standards Catalog WG Update
  • Update on Metadata Element Set
  • Perspectives from other Groups:
    • RDA / TDWG Metadata Standards for attribution of physical and digital collections stewardship WG - Anne Thessen
    • Data Discovery Paradigms IG – Mingfang Wu
    • Vocabulary methods and the topic dimension of metadata – Charles Vardeman
    • GO FAIR- Erik Schultes
    • Chemistry Research Data IG – Ian Bruno
  • Group Discussion and Identification of cross-group liaisons
  • Future of Data in Context IG
  • Wrap-up

Target audience

Anyone interested in metadata for the objectives of RDA; specifically, people from domain and infrastructure groups wishing to utilize metadata for their purposes. Members of RDA metadata groups other than Metadata IG, Data in Context IG, and the Metadata Standards Catalog WG who are interested in the goals of the various RDA metadata Interest Groups and Working Groups.


Group chair serving as contact person:

Rebecca Koskela


Type of meeting:

Working meeting


Remote Access Instructions:

coming soon