Joint Session IG Disciplinary Collaboration Framework, IG Domain Repositories - RDA 13th Plenary Meeting

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11 Jan 2019
Meeting agenda: 

Meeting title

Building cross-disciplinary knowledge graphs through interoperable domain repositories (Remote Access Instructions)

Meeting Location: Commonwealth A2


Collaborative session notes


Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities

Disciplinary Collaboration Framework IG
The group aims at bringing together representatives across disciplinary communities in an effort to better organise and drive the discussion for prioritising, harmonising and efficiently articulating communities’ needs. The group will gradually support the development of a common disciplinary interoperability framework. 


Domain Repositories IG 
The Domain Repositories Interest Group will bring together active data repositories that serve specific scientific disciplines. Domain repositories provide archiving services tailored to the needs of scientific communities, and they mediate between domain scientists and rapid changes in information and data science. All domain repositories have shared interests in data curation, dissemination, preservation, and institutional sustainability, and this interest group will provide a forum for sharing practical experience and developing joint projects. The IG will also develop training and mentoring relationships for new and emerging repositories.



CODATA Data Integration Initiative
During 2017, CODATA initiated and led a discussion with data science groups and international scientific unions and associations about the timeliness of a major initiative on interdisciplinary data integration. Meetings at the ICSU HQ in Paris in June 2017 and at the Royal Society of London in November 2017 produced a report and communiqué supporting a long-term initiative and outlining some of the essential issues to be addressed. The key priorities for this initiative are to address data integration in support of major global challenges and to develop relevant data capacities across all the disciplines of science. In 2018, this programme was pursued by three pilot case studies (focusing on disaster risk reduction, infectious diseases and resilient cities). Workshops were held in Beijing (July 2018) and at the Schloss Dagstuhl (October 2018). The latter, organised in partnership with DDI, the Data Documentation Initiative, scrutinised in detail ‘the Interoperability of Metadata Standards in Cross-Domain Science’.



Additional links to informative material related to the group

CODATA Data Integration initiative


Communiqué from the Second ICSU-CODATA Workshop on Data Integration: ‘Science and the digital revolution: data, standards and interdisciplinary integration’, held at the Royal Society, London, November 2017:


CODATA-DDI Schloss Dagstuhl Workshop ‘Interoperability of Metadata Standards in Cross-Domain Science, Health, and Social Science Applications’



Disciplinary Interoperability Group


Domain Repositories IG



Meeting objectives

There is a major, largely unrealised potential to merge and integrate the data from different disciplines of science in order to reveal deep patterns in the multi-faceted complexity that underlies most of the domains of application that are intrinsic to the major global challenges that confront humanity. 


Over the last few years community efforts have been focusing on understanding the scientific requirements for meaningful cross-domain data interoperability and translating those needs to socio-technical requirements towards domain repositories and community practices. In practice, this is likely to mean 1) the increasing alignment of metadata standards where possible, including mechanisms to facilitate semantic interoperability; and 2) the related development of scientific knowledge graphs to facilitate the provision of data as information in relation to specific issues and challenges.


In the RDA ecosystem groups such as the Disciplinary Collaboration Framework IG and the Domain Repositories IG are working towards a better understanding of the requirements that drive the development of interchangeable community (meta-)data standards, Similarly, an International Science Council and CODATA initiative towards cross-domain data integration is looking into data-linking challenges towards specific global urgent challenges. 


The goal of this session is to shed more light to the steps needed, on behalf of both domain repositories operators and scientific communities of practice, in order to develop and serve scientifically fit for purpose, focused knowledge graphs that specifically serve the needs of global partnerships working towards urgent challenges (e.g. the data needed for reporting against the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction or for the targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals; or interdisciplinary research areas such as sustainable cities or infectious diseases).



Meeting agenda

Introduction to the scope of the session and expected outcomes (10 min) (Dimitris Koureas)

Short update on the current status of activities from the
a. Disciplinary Collaboration Framework IG (10 min) (David Schade)
b. Domain Repositories IG (10 min) (Kerstin Lenhert)
c. CODATA Data Integration Initiative (15 min) (Simon Hodson)

Guided open discussion on issues related to building scientific purposeful knowledge graphs through the interoperation of domain data repositories (45 min)



Target audience

The session is open to all the members of the RDA community. Infrastructure operators, representatives from disciplinary RDA groups and research scientists are especially invited to attend.


Group chair serving as contact person:

Dimitris Koureas


Type of meeting:

Working meeting


Remote Access Instructions:

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