Joint meeting - IG RDMinEng and IG Metadata

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03 Aug 2020

Joint meeting - IG RDMinEng and IG Metadata

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Meeting agenda: 


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  • Introduction of the IGs (10 min)

  • Summary of online seminar series “Exploring annotation and metadata initiatives for engineering data”

  • Introduction to the  Recommended Metadata Element Set (IG Metadata)

  • Applying Interoperable Metadata Standards (AIMS): A Platform for Creating and Sharing Metadata Standards and their Integration into Scientific Workflows in Mechanical Engineering and Related Disciplines

  • Break out Room (20 min) 

  • Wrap up & Summary of Breakout rooms (10 min)

  • Closure & next steps (10 min.)

Meeting objectives: 

The objectives of this meeting are:

  • To round up the discussion happening during the online seminar series “Exploring annotation and metadata initiatives for engineering data” 

  • To progress the Metadata Interest Group element set by unpacking the individual elements in cooperation with the other groups.


Short Group Status: 


Activities 2020:

  • From July to the beginning of October the IG is running an online seminar series "Exploring annotation and metadata initiatives for engineering data". Some seminars are together with other IG or WG like PTTP IG, sUAS data IG and the Metadata IG.

  • Integrated the focus group on “engineering-specific DMP” into a upcoming WG “Discipline-specific Guidance for DMP” (in preparation) -> submitted a proposal for a BoF session at P16

  • Submitted a proposal for a session IG RDMinEng with the focus of engineering data provenance and research software in engineering for P16

  • Joint session IG RDMinEng and sUAS data IG at VP15 with the focus of annotation and metadata in engineering

 Activities 2019:

  • Session IG RDMinEng at P14 Helsinki

    • Forming of four focus groups:

      • Engineering-specific DMP

      • Data annotation in engineering

      • Metadata in engineering

      • Engineering and Open Science

  • IG was established in September

  • Session IG RDMinEng at P13 Philadelphia with the focus of  “Wind energy goes FAIR '' and  CESAER – the strong and united voice of universities of science and technology in Europe.

 Activities 2018:

  • BoF Session RDMinEng at P12 Botswana with the focus “Why is RDM important for engineers? What is different in engineering science?”

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group(s): 

The “Research Data Management in Engineering” Interest Group (IG RDM4Eng) seeks to bring together scientific and industrial stakeholders from all relevant sectors. The IG RDMinEng will provide its scientific and industrial members with the opportunity to discuss and improve the legal and technological challenges to the adoption of FAIR data and software management in Engineering, to share knowledge, opinions and experiences, and form or participate in existing Working Groups to address these challenges.

The Metadata Interest Group serves as an umbrella group for all aspects of metadata for research data. In particular, it coordinates the efforts of the Working Groups concerned with metadata to provide a coherent approach to metadata. The  Metadata Interest Group also is responsible for defining the metadata element set intended to become a RDA recommendation. Data in Context Interest Group deals with use cases and harmonizing terminology for contextual metadata to encourage interoperation. The Metadata Standards Catalog Working Group maintains a machine-readable catalog of metadata standards to encourage re-use and increased harmonization among the communities.

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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Alex Ball, Matthias Grönewald/Marc Fuhrmans, Paula Martinez Lavanchy