Joint meeting: IG Metadata, WG Metadata Standards Catalog, IG Data in Context

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Date & time: Tuesday 1st March - 14:30 - 16:00 - Working Meeting Session 1
Domain Discussion on Initial Standard Canonical Set of Metadata Elements
The Metadata Interest Group serves as an umbrella group for all aspects of metadata for research data. In particular it coordinates the efforts of the working groups concerned with metadata to provide a coherent approach to metadata. The Data in Context Interest Group is concerned with contextual ‘profiles’ applicable to various datasets. A profile will (a) assist in retrieval precision and recall (including disambiguation); (b) provide information to assist the user in judging the relevance and quality of the data asset; (c) provide additional information that may be used in processing the dataset; (d) provide information that assists in explaining the dataset (purpose, relationship to persons, organizations, facilities, equipment, publications, etc). The Metadata Standards Catalog Working Group is a follow-on working group to the Metadata Standards Directory Working Group. This WG will produce a catalog of metadata standards of relevance to research data. Specifically, the catalog system will consist of the following components: (a) A set of records describing metadata standards; (b) A user interface for submitting information, searching, browsing and displaying standards information; (c) A machine-to-machine interface (API) allowing automated tools to submit information, perform queries and retrieve information from the catalog.
For more information on these groups, please see:
* Metadata Interest Group (
* Data in Context Interest Group (
* Metadata Standards Catalog Working Group (
* Metadata Standards Catalog Working Group Case Statement (
A draft list of metadata elements to be considered after validation by domain groups and technical groups was presented at a metadata session at P7 in Paris. The list was derived from work on use cases (organized by Data in Context IG) and existing metadata standards (organized by Metadata Standards Directory WG) with contributions from Research Data Provenance IG and all coordinated by Metadata Interest Group (MIG). Please note these are metadata elements: this does not mean they are single valued attributes (like columns in a table) - in fact most elements are complex structures involving relationships within and between the elements (see list below).The basic objective of this session is to understand the metadata used and desired by each domain against an initial standard canonical set of elements.
* Tour de table (15 min)
* Summary of domain inputs to the initial standard canonical set of metadata elements (15 min)
* Input from additional domains (30 min)
* Integrate plans and discussion (25 min)
* Next Steps (5 min)
Our target audience is domain representatives. We would like them to indicate - for their domain - which of the metadata elements are recorded, which are desired if not recorded and any 'standards' (widest sense) used; this latter information gives us a handle on the syntax and semantics used. It would be helpful to produce a powerpoint slide beforehand with 4 columns: element, used, desired, standard. The elements are:
* Unique Identifier (for later use including citation) of the dataset (or software...)
* Location (URL) of the dataset
* Description
* Keywords (terms)
* Temporal coordinates
* Spatial coordinates
* Originator (organisation(s) / person(s))
* Project
* Facility / equipment
* Quality
* Availability (license, persistence)
* Provenance
* Citations
* Related publications (white or grey)
* Related software
* Schema
* Medium / format
Groups jointly meeting
IG Metadata
WG Metadata Standards Catalog
IG Data in Context
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Rebecca Koskela