Joint Meeting: IG Metadata, RDA-NISO IG, RDA/CODATA Legal Interoperability IG

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Meeting title
Shareable Data: Metadata, Issues of Privacy, and Legal Implications

Collaborative session notes
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Group chair serving as contact person (responsible for the agreement with the corresponding groups)
Rebecca Koskela

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group(s)

The Metadata Interest Group serves as an umbrella group for all aspects of metadata for research data. In particular, it coordinates the efforts of the Working Groups concerned with metadata to provide a coherent approach to metadata. The RDA-NISO Interest Group on the Privacy Implications of Research Data Sets is exploring ways in which the creation, storage, sharing, and combination of, data sets might put at risk the privacy of human-subjects and ways that the research community can mitigate those risks. The interest group is focused on a variety of legal, policy and systematic ways in which privacy can be protected. The RDA/CODATA Legal Interoperability Interest Group examines, provides a better understanding, and some solutions for the intellectual property concerns that confront scientists in sharing, accessing, using, reusing, and particularly in combining or integrating data in their research activities.


Meeting objectives

The objectives of this meeting are to:

● Discuss privacy and legal implications of FAIR principles and the metadata supporting data sharing
● Focus on metadata specific to supporting the sharing of sensitive data
● Build collective insight into the role and capacity of metadata to support data sharing across communities

Meeting agenda

● Welcome, Introductions, and Review Objectives of the Meeting, Jane Greenberg, Drexel University & Rebecca Koskela, DataONE
● Perspectives:

  • FAIR data report and Legal Interoperability, Simon Hodson, CODATA
  • Privacy Implications, Todd Carpenter, NISO
  • Research Data Management , Devika Madalli, Indian Statistical Institute
  • African Perspective, to-be-confirmed

● Discussion and Next Steps

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Researchers interested in data sharing, researchers working with potentially privacy-challenged data, repository managers, administrators, policy experts and legal counsels.


Type of meeting
Working meeting