Improving available RDA Outputs material to enhance use and impact

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27 Jun 2019

Improving available RDA Outputs material to enhance use and impact

Submitted by Marieke Willems

Meeting objectives: 

Ongoing global efforts coordinated by the RDA Secretariat are developing strategies to improve the dissemination, impact, and evaluation of RDA recommendations and outputs. These efforts fall within three overarching aims:

  1. Enhanced discoverability and intelligibility of RDA recommendations, outputs, and adoption stories

  2. Adoption support through education material development

  3. Monitoring and evaluation of adoption impact 

These activities include supporting the sharing of RDA outputs with the RDA community and beyond, increase their discoverability through publication on the RDA website, Zenodo and downloadable RDA outputs cards. In addition, standardised metadata and two-page documents for each recommendation and output are under development. In this session, we will engage the RDA community regarding expectations and inputs for groups producing outputs, as well as next steps to refine the existing protocol for creating and disseminating outputs. 

The objectives of this session will be to:

  • Raise awareness on RDA Outputs material available by asking participants for feedback on accessibility and usability. 

  • Engage the community in ongoing efforts to improve the intelligibility, discoverability, and ease of use of RDA outputs and recommendations.

  • Review and critique materials related to outputs (both existing materials and work in progress).

  • Produce prototype or recommended improvements to materials describing RDA outputs, including means of discovery, access and monitoring of use and impact.

Meeting agenda: 


Collaborative session notes 


  1. Introduction (15 minutes)

    1. Set the scene

    2. Raising awareness on outputs material available in network of channels

  2. Group activity (45 minutes)

    1. Review materials available - Outputs pages, Zenodo, RDA cards

    2. Review metadata templates (work in progress)

    3. Present group critique and recommendations

  3. Outputs and impact (30 minutes)

    1. Overview of current and proposed methods to track impact leveraging existing RDA community resources

    2. Examples from the field

    3. Discussion and feedback

    4. Wrap-up and next steps

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
Short introduction describing any previous activities: 

Much of this work has grown from activities within the RDA Secretariat throughout the previous year, including a BoF held at P13. Regional meetings with RDA leadership, co-chairs, and adopters have provided opportunities for community feedback and critique. Our aim currently is to engage the larger global community in these efforts.

Proposed Session Audience

Any members who have experience in or are planning to adopt RDA recommendations and output to address their data sharing challenges. Working Group and Interest Group members who have developed or are in the process of developing an output for wider community use. Any members of the RDA community that have an interest in enhancing discoverability and intelligibility of RDA recommendations and outputs as well as improving the monitoring and evaluation of adoption impact 



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