Improve sharing of water resource data globally - P6 BOF session

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20 July 2015 2497 reads

24 September 2015- BREAKOUT 5 - 13:30

At various scales: 
- Continental (EU Inspire directive, EU Water directives, Australian GeoFabric, USA NHD, Canada NHN ...),
- International : OGC,
numerous initiatives aim at exchanging environmental information seamlessly.
Regarding standards in the water domain, several activities have been fostered under the OGC Hydrology Domain Working Group (HydroDWG) umbrella to exchange water information globally: WaterML2 suite, GroundWaterML2, HY_Feature standards and several Interoperability Experiments. 
The HydroDWG is a joint group between OGC and WMO.
As a result, more complementary standards to exchange water information globally are being available.
If significant water resources data information are now available for discovery and access (ex: in GEOSS via AIPs Water), it is however clear that many other significant water resources information are still not visible or not shared. Work remains to be done to get proper access to this important information in a climate change context.
Issues leading to this situation are not yet clearly identified: technical, organisational, incentive....   
As an immediate follow-up of the OGC Nottingham TC the previous week (14-18/09) and OGC HydroDWG 6th workshop in Orléans the same week (20-23/09), this BoF is built on the opportunity having experts from various water related initiatives and profiles gathered together in Europe.
It aims at widening the audience to ensure all the blocking factors to global water resource data exchange are properly delineated and addressed. 
People intested in taking an active role in the overall discussion are encouraged to join the HydroDWG workshop discussions (remote connexion will be possible). Please raise your interest beforehand.
HydroDWG workshop presentations will be pushed online (see link above)
Session agenda:
1°/ status presentation and analysis
2°/ action plan from HydroDWG perpective 
3°/ discussion
Contact Person: Sylvain Grellet (
This BoF is also aligned with the higher level discussions of a stronger collaboration between OGC and RDA.
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