Implementing the DMP Common Standard on the Argos tool for maDMPs

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16 October 2020 2773 reads


Argos is an online machine-actionable tool developed by OpenAIRE to facilitate Research Data Management (RDM) activities concerning the implementation of Data Management Plans (DMPs). Argos enhances OpenAIRE’s continuous efforts towards Open Science Commons and a Linked Open Data environment that brings data closer to where they are stored and managed, aiming at better reproducibility and integrity of research.



For Argos, the main challenges in the adoption process were concerned with the application of the standard so that any DMPs produced are exploitable in other compliant DMP platforms, and vice versa. Argos’ model considerably differs from other DMP providers. Its specificity lies in the distinction between two entities: DMPs and datasets. DMP entities in Argos hold information referring to DMPs as a coherent document while datasets contain details regarding the management of data. 

The RDA outputs adopted: 

Argos adopted the RDA DMP Common Standard to align its practices with the global research data community and to maximise information exchange between other DMP tool providers.

The impact of the adoption: 

As mentioned above, by using Argos researchers are able to import and export DMPs from and to other RDA compliant DMP platforms without losing vital information. This is important as it gives researchers the freedom and flexibility to switch providers at any time during the DMP process without worrying about potential consequences, similar to how they would do when working with text documents on cloud drives such as Google Drive or OneDrive, etc.

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