IG Software Source Code - RDA 13th Plenary Meeting

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11 Jan 2019
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Research Software Source Code: why and how do we care? (Remote Access Instructions)


Collaborative session noteshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1zARlJl7nTVccjyCTSr4xZ1v2IvS1r2Jdl-m1B_8wGfk/edit


Meeting Location: Congress C


Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities
The Software Source Code IG was founded in 2017, after a BoF session at the 9th Plenary. It aims to discuss issues on management, sharing, discovery, archival and provenance of software source code, review and revise metadata for describing and discovering source code, develop guidelines for managing, describing and publishing software source code, collect and publish use cases of current examples and practices, and contribute software related expertise to other groups in the RDA which have a software aspect.


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Meeting objectives
The objectives of the meeting are:

1) Share information on the rich set of activities that have been taking place in 2018 since RDA 11 (there was no meeting in RDA 12 due to the location), and in particular (the list is not limitative):

a) Update on Force11 software citation implementation WG
b) Launch of the Software Source Code Identification Working Group
c) Report on Software Source Code in the National Plan for Open Science in France, and the national research software source code deposit program
d) Efforts to raise awareness about the relevance of Software Source Code, including the Unesco international expert meeting of November 6th and 7th, and the Research Software Alliance

2) Group work and discussion on the notion of FAIRness for Software Source Code


3) Group discussion on the various purposes of making research Software Source Code available


Meeting agenda

1) (Very) Short introduction to the group and its aims for newcomers (5m)
2) Reports from the activities 1(a) - 1(d) (40m)
3) Group work (40m)
4) Wrap up (5m)


Target audience
The target audience for this session comprises: repository managers, software project owners, software developers who publish their software, software catalog maintainers, software source code researchers, software preservation and archival experts, and others with an interest in the discovery, description and preservation of software source code. Participants should familiarise themselves with current efforts in preserving source code (such as Software Heritage), describing software (e.g. CodeMeta), citing software (the FORCE11 Software Citation Principles), and raising awareness (the Unesco expert group meeting report).


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Roberto Di Cosmo


Type of meeting:
Working meeting


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