IG Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Data - RDA 10th Plenary meeting

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30 June 2017 1116 reads

Meeting title:

The community moving forwards on standardising sUAS science data

A short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group:

As the 2nd meeting of the sUAS data IG we will firstly report back on a number of efforts from around the group, and then outline plans and opportunities for the the upcoming 6 months.

Report back

  • The ESIP Drone Data Workshop that pulled together representatives from 10 different organisations operating in this space.

  • The OPTIMISE BUS survey on spectral imaging.

  • Output from the NCAR EOS atmospheric sciences and drones workshop.

  • Outcomes from the hackathon portion of the ESIP Drone Data Workshop including projects that tackled:

  • Science Drone Data Ontology Challenges

  • Documenting drone workflows and drone data provenance

  • Science Drone Data Landscape Mapping:

  • RCN proposal

  • Best practices for metadata - wiki and ODK

  • Science API Flight log decode

Looking Forward to the Next Six Months:

  • Any of the hackathon outcomes could be turned into Working Group Proposals

  • Plan for larger gathering of European sUAS users at RDA11 (possible co-located workshop) e.g. ISARRA, OPTIMISE

  • As well as to highlight opportunities and identify connections with larger coordination efforts around sUAS Data (with focus on OGC, ESIP Winter Meeting, and upcoming sUAS sessions at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and American Meteorological Society (AMS).

Additional links to informative material related to the group i.e. group page, Case statement, working documents etc:

Meeting objectives:

  • Regroup face to face as a community

  • Update on sUAS activity from other groups and organizations and discuss ways to connect with our sUAS Data IG and/or spin off a WG.

  • Strategize actions for the next 6 months (including participation in other organizations and events working in this similar sUAS data space).

  • Discuss and explore potential connections within other RDA IG and WGs to potentially form a collaborative working session at RDA P11.

Meeting agenda:

5   min: Intro to sUAS Data IG

40 min: Report backs

25 min: Moving forward plans

20 min: Summary and discussion

Target audience:

  • Any disciplinary IG or WG whose members may use sUAS for data capture (e.g. Agricultural Data IG and Weather, Climate, Air Quality IG).

  • Any Data Management, Metadata or Semantic Tech professionals interested in a new domain in need of their skill and tools, or members of RDA Working or Interest groups interested in applying tools / techniques to data captured via sUAS (e.g. Research Data Provenance IG, Reproducibility IG, Metadata IG, Geospatial IG)

  • Prepare by visiting and familiarizing with our RDA Github and the ESIP sUAS Data Workshop Outcomes (links below).

Group chair serving as contact person: Jane Wyngaard, Lindsay Barbieri

Type of meeting: Working meeting

Session Room: Mansfield 5

Session Time:  Thursday 21 September, Breakout 7, 09:00 - 10:30

Collaborative session notes:



Session slides and materials:


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