IG Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions - RDA 12th Plenary Meeting

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Meeting title
IG Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions

Collaborative session notes
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Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

The Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions Interest Group is primarily concerned with technical architectures for managing research data within universities and other multi-disciplinary research institutions. It provides insight into the approaches being taken to the development and operation of such architectures and their success or otherwise in enabling good practice.

The main themes of the IG are

- Exploring how diverse tools, technologies, and services can be integrated to meet the evolving needs of researchers in research institutions.
- Considering interoperability between institutional research data infrastructures and (inter)national or discipline-based infrastructures
- Understanding the different institutional approaches to governance structures and business processes in responding to research ICT demands (e.g. capacity planning/forecasting for storage)
- Sharing case studies of solutions developed by data infrastructure projects in research institutions
- Presenting technical innovations and ideas that can further the development of integrated research data infrastructures
- Agreeing best practice relating to research data architectures in research institutions

This group is also for discussion about nuts and bolts of the research data infrastructures used in the local research infrastructures.

Additional links to informative material related to the group

Current version of the IG Charter: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bUtcmsYi2BCta4txZzTdTX5r6YTKxJiv/view?u...

Please list the meeting objectives

Meeting objectives
- Share examples of good practices relating to research data architectures via case studies of institutions

- Discuss in particular storage architectures, challenges, and use cases

- Plan governance survey in the future (to determine how institutions are currently set up and who are the people with the authority to decide institutional architectures)

- IG activities; Situation of the IG charter, joint activities worth to other RDA groups

- Identification of additional partners

Meeting agenda

1. Opening the session

2. Brief introduction to the group, co-chairs Ville Tenhunen and James Wilson

3. Case presentations and lighting talks

Topic:”Storage architectures, challenges, and use cases”
- Ralph Mueller-Pfefferkorn, Technische Universität Dresden
- FDM efforts in Munich (LRZ, libraries of University and Technical University), Tobias Weber and Stephan Hachinger
- Australian case
- British case

4. Discussion about current technology trends and future directions

5. Disvussion about governance survey

6. IG activities; situation with the IG Charter


The target audience of this meeting may include all those people who are involved research data infrastructure projects or services as well as users who are interested in the topic of systems, technologies and data flows as a part of the research data infrastructures. For example research data infrastructure project owners or product owners, project managers, IT architects, data engineers, data managers, data scientists, developers and service users who are interested in technology issues are typical target audience of this meeting.

Group chair serving as contact person
Ville Tenhunen

Type of meeting
Working meeting