IG Quality of Urban Life RDA 9th Plenary meeting

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Meeting title

Urban Data Informatics and Delivery

Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group: 

The group progresses the science, technology and governance processes needed to share urban data across the academic, public and private sectors. We identify methodological and data-related opportunities and barriers to the use of interoperable urban datasets in multiple domains underpinning the economic, social, and environmental quality of life in a global context.

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Meeting objectives

The session will demonstrate the use of novel sources of urban data to improve quality of life in cities, and ways to capture, curate and share data. There will be five presentations on these topics, followed by a discussion on key research and practical action points needed to progress the objectives of the IG.

Meeting agenda

1. Introduction
2. Measuring cities attractiveness in Europe: data and methods for a comparable assessment - Claudia Baranzelli, European Commission Joint Research Centre 
3. Human settlement mapping via satellite imagery to build comparable indicators – Thomas Kemper, European Commission Joint Research Centre
4. An update on ISO/IEC JTC1 WG11 Smart Cities – Mark Fox
5. Understanding the city using unstructured data sources – Vonu Thakuriah
6. Innovative approaches in Dutch official statistics – Barteld Braaksma and Robert Hermans, Statistics Netherlands
7. Other Business 
8. Next Steps.


Data scientists involved in smart cities technology, urban researchers, geospatial research members, urban policy and decision-makers who are interested in accessing, using and disseminating novel sources of urban data more broadly to support urban resource management, service delivery and urban policy analysis.

Group chairs serving as contacts: Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah, University of Glagow and Max Craglia, European Commission Joint Research Center

Type of meeting: Working meeting

Group maturity: more than 18 months