IG Preservation Tools, Techniques, and Policies - RDA 10th Plenary meeting

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24 June 2017 1496 reads

Meeting title:

Research Meets Preservation: Tools at the Interface

A short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group:

This IG is intended to fill a gap in the RDA discussion thus far, which is how to make it easy for researchers to preserve their research results in a way that is beneficial to sharing with others and for further research. These issues are encountered immediately in any discussion with researchers about data sharing or open data. The main elements of the necessary infrastructure have been set out in many documents, including the report of a recent NSF-sponsored workshop on open data in the mathematical and physical sciences: https://mpsopendata.crc.nd.edu/

Additional links to informative material related to the group i.e. group page, Case statement, working documents etc:

Past material, including the agendas from the sessions in Denver and Barcelona and further detail on the group charge, can be found linked to the IG working group page: https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/preservation-tools-techniques-and-pol...

email: pttp@rda-groups.org

Links back to 8th Plenary sessions that started this discussion:

Policy issues: http://mpsopendata.crc.nd.edu/, and resources linked there.

Meeting objectives:

This meeting will continue the discussions started at Denver and Barcelona about finding a way to bridge the gap between researchers and repositories. One eventual goal of the group is to provide a set of needs in terms of preservation infrastructure that would facilitate researchers in preparing their results for preservation and re-use.

Meeting objectives:
- continue dialogue between researchers and archivists
- How to catalogue available preservation tools, including capabilities, compatibilities, and rates of adoption, and make this information available to researchers and archivists. This catalogue will serve as a basis for discussion of tool development and deployment in order to better meet the needs of diverse research communities
- How to survey preservation policies across countries, funding agencies, and research areas to assemble a comprehensive view of researcher and archive responsibilities

Meeting agenda, with links to files:

Target audience:

Domain researchers and those who manage domain-specific archives are the primary targets for this meeting. A specific recruitment effort will be made to bring research scientists to the Plenary who have not previously attended this type of meeting. We are specifically looking for both exemplars of preservation tools/interfaces and case studies of those that don't work so well in order to gain a complete picture of the landscape. Those who study knowledge preservation schema and infrastructure are also welcome to share their expertise.

Group chair serving as contact person: Michael Hildreth

Type of meeting: Working meeting

Session Room: Mansfield 2

Session Time:  Thursday 21 September, Breakout 7, 09:00 - 10:30

Collaborative session notes:


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