IG National Data Services - RDA 12th Plenary Meeting

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Meeting title
National Data Services Interest Group

Collaborative session notes
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Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

Given the increased value of research data as a national research asset, many countries are
establishing national services to provide services, coordination and support for research data storage, processing, management, analysis, publication, reuse, sharing etc. Scoped at a country level, the interest group explores areas of mutual interest including stakeholder needs, funding, governance, outreach and coordination strategies.

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NDS IG Google Drive - Country Reports Documents

Meeting objectives

The meeting will continue the previous IG discussions, adopting a definition of what an NDS is or might be, turning the country report into a living document, with published versions periodically; presentations on new and emerging services; provide updates on NDS efforts.

Meeting agenda

1. Outputs since last plenary
a. NDS Definition
b. NDS Country Report
i. Schedule for updates
2. Lightning Talks (Updates on National Data Services from around the world)
a. EU
b. Africa
c. Asia
d. US
e. Australia
3. National Discovery Service
4. National Platforms
a. Federated Research Data Repository - Canada
b. Open Storage Network (OSN) - US
c. EOSC-Hub

Please specify who is your target audience and how they should prepare for the meeting

The peers for such national data services are other national data services, and this interest group is intended as a peer support forum to exchange ideas and share experiences. The session would be of interest to anyone interested in data management at the national level. We have sparse representation from Africa and would welcome the chance to broaden participation. Those interested in establishing national data services are encouraged to attend. Established services are not a prerequisite.

Group chair serving as contact person
Christine Kirkpatrick 

Type of meeting
Working meeting