Joint meeting of IG Metadata, IG Data in Context & IG Data Fabric

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21 July 2015 1749 reads

25 September 2015- BREAKOUT 7 - 09:30


  • Tour de table (10 min)
  • Objectives (Keith Jeffery, 5 min)
  • Data Fabric Metadata Requirements
    • Peter Wittenburg (10 min)
    • Larry Lannom (25 min)
  • Metadata IG Current Plans (10 min)
  • Discussion on converged schedule of actions  (30 min)



To determine - with use cases and use of existing standards - the actual and potential utilisation of metadata in Data Fabrics. In particular to discuss metadata about datasets, software services, users and computing and other resources and how this is used for workflow composition and subsequent curation and provenance aspects.

  • IG Metadata
  • IG Data in Context
  • IG Data Fabric

Contact Person: Keith Jeffery

Co-chairs: Keith Jeffery, Rebecca Koskela, Rob Pennington, Yunquiang Zhu, Peter Wittenburg