IG Libraries for Research Data - RDA 11th Plenary meeting

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19 December 2017 1856 reads

Meeting title

From data services to research partnerships: Libraries facilitating knowledge creation

Collaborative session notes:


Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

Research Data have become a primary research asset that often requires continued access in the dynamic environment of mobile researchers, volatile repositories, transient products and short-lived standards. Libraries have looked after written research assets for centuries and now tackle the challenge of adapting their function to making data reliably accessible and re-usable.

Additional links to informative material related to the group

L4RD Case statement: https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/libraries-research-data/case-statement...

Meeting objectives

The L4RD session will present a spectrum of commitments of libraries in their move from data services to research partnerships. 

What the session will offer to participants: 

* Short presentations / cases with a disciplinary flavour
* Interactive discussion element (brainstorming), including suggestions on what the IG should do next
* Discussion and brainstorming on actions of the IG and potential outputs (updating / amending the 23 Things)

Meeting agenda

1. Welcome & Introductory remarks, introducing the new co-chairs (15 minutes)
2. 3 views on how to work with disciplinary communities (7 minutes each; 30 minutes total)
3. Discussion and brainstorming on next steps for the IG (30 minutes)
a) Updating/amending 23 Things
b) Strategies for communication/collaboration with disciplinary groups
c) Brainstorming future IG meeting/webinar topics
d) Other topics?
4. Summaries (10 minutes)
5. Closing; Next Steps (5 minutes)

Target audience:

Librarians, data experts

What to bring
* Your experiences and ideas on how to work with disciplines in various contexts. 
* Ideas on future topics and activities.

Group chair serving as contact person: Birgit Schmidt

Type of meeting: Working meeting