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19 December 2017 1279 reads


Meeting title

Joint working session of the Global Water Information Interest Group and the OGC/WMO Hydrology Domain Working Group (Remote Access Instructions)

Collaborative session notes: 


Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

The Global Water Information Interest Group (GWIIG) enables communication among RDA WGs and IGs focused on both technical eInfrastructure aspects (e.g. brokering; metadata and catalogs, dynamic data citation) and on related research domains (e.g. geosciences, agriculture, biodiversity) that are pertinent to water and water data. The group also provides a coordination mechanism across a wide group of water information stakeholders, in particular those not previously involved in the efforts of the active OGC/WMO Hydrology group on water data standardization. Recent and current areas of interest are: 
• Dynamic data citation in water
• Vocabularies in water, particularly for freshwater quality measurements
• Water data discovery and water data portals
• Water data rescue

Additional links to informative material related to the group

GWIIG page: 

OGC Hydrology Domain Working Group wiki:

Meeting objectives

The meeting is planned as a joint session between RDA GWIIG and OGC/WMO HDWG. The main goal is to discuss themes of mutual interest for both groups, and align activities/roadmaps and communication/update mechanisms. A joint session is desirable because OGC Technical Committee meeting is being held in Orleans during the RDA Plenary in Berlin. Such a session is only possible if it is scheduled in the afternoon of Wednesday March 21st. Ideally, it would take place during the breakout group session slot on the first afternoon of the RDA Plenary. At OGC TC, it will be a group session slot on the last afternoon before the OGC Thursday Plenary. Securing this spot early is important as the timing needs to be coordinated with organizers of both meetings. The group will physically meet in Orleans, and a web connection to the session will be open to RDA attendees in Berlin, as well as to other remote participants.

The mutual topics of interest include: 
• Standard representation and navigation of linked features and their observations: presentation of results of OGC ELFIE (Environmental Linked Features Interoperability Experiment)
• Presentation and discussion of water data portals compendiums from RDA GWIIG, from the perspective of OGC WaterML2 standards support
• Synergies and coordination between OGC/WMO HDWG and RDA GWIIG, identifying joint priorities and coordination roadmap
• Review of RDA outcomes and their relevance to water data exchange standardization work at OGC HDWG

Meeting agenda

See the updated agenda of the joint session, and GoToMeeting instructions, at the HDWG site: 


  1. Groundwater level forecast using SensorWeb flows : "MétéEAU des nappes" BRGM project (Hélène Bessière, Sylvain Grellet)
  2. Summary of results and demonstration of ELFIE (ELFIE lead - Dave Blodgett, Sylvain Grellet)
  3. Other recent OGC HDWG activities
    • ontology primers : HY_Feature, GWML2, GeoSciML (overlapping with GeoscienceDWG) : Eric Boisvert, Sylvain Grellet, Rob Atkinson
  4. Water data portals review and discussion (RDA co-chairs)
  5. Water data standardization, and vocabularies (S. Grellet)
  6. Overview of RDA outcomes, and RDA GWIIG coordination with other RDA groups (water data citation, data rescue) (RDA co-chairs)
  7. Aligning priorities and roadmaps of OGC/WMO HDWG and RDA GWIIG (RDA co-chairs; discussion)

Target audience: 

The meeting is open to OGC and RDA members, as well as to anyone with an interest in water data, in particular, in the above topics. Physical attendance at OGC TC meeting requires OGC membership, meeting registration, and possibly a signed IP agreement. Non-OGC members wishing to physically attend the HDWG session should contact HDWG co-chairs prior to the meeting. Remote connection to the joint OGC HDWG/RDA GWIIG session is open to anyone, with information available at both OGC and RDA web sites.

Group chair serving as contact person: Sylvain Grellet

Type of meeting: Working meeting

Remote Access Instructions:

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Wed Mar 21st 9:30 AM EDT USA (14:30 CET Europe)

You can also dial in using your phone.

IE: +353 15 360 728
DE: +49 692 5736 7317
ES: +34 912 71 8491
NL: +31 207 941 377
US: +1 (646) 749-3129
FI: +358 923 17 0568
BE: +32 28 93 7018
NZ: +64 9 280 6302
AT: +43 1 2060 92967
NO: +47 23 16 23 30
CA: +1 (647) 497-9391
GB: +44 330 221 0088
FR: +33 170 950 594
SE: +46 853 527 827
DK: +45 43 31 47 82
CH: +41 225 4599 78
IT: +39 0 230 57 81 42
AU: +61 2 8355 1050

Access Code: 141-567-437 Audio PIN will be displayed upon joining the web session.

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