IG Early Career and Engagement - RDA 13th Plenary Meeting

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10 Jan 2019
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Supporting Early Career Researchers and Creating a Space for Social Engagement (Remote Access Instructions)


Collaborative session noteshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1MqEBxTOqLTU8SmB1OicGoA9TGDu_YBG_7abHY50bVgE/edit


Meeting Location: Commonwealth B



Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities 
The purpose of the Early Career and Engagement Interest Group (ECEIG) is to provide a focal point for Early and Mid-Career Researchers and Professionals, including those involved in various RDA-related fellowships and Early Career programs.

RDA members recognize that there is a need to create a space in RDA for those who are at the beginning stages of their careers. Specifically, RDA members recognized that Early Career Researchers and Professionals usually need additional support for: (a) networking amongst themselves to learn about other Early Career scientists and their research, i.e., establishing a “network of peers”, and (b) receiving mentorship from senior RDA members who are interested in mentoring Early Career Researchers and Professionals.

Designating time on each RDA plenary schedule for this IG is important to recognize and develop the means which will effectively support this “next generation of RDA”, who is equipped with unique talents and strengths, impacting the future of RDA in their own way. At a BoF conducted during RDA P8 in Denver, CO a group of Early Career fellows agreed to explore the idea of creating an IG centering on those who are in the early stages of their careers and helping them effectively engage with RDA. This effort was continued and crystallized at a dedicated networking session during RDA P9 in Barcelona, Spain, leading to the first kick-off meeting of the official ECEIG in RDA P10 in Montreal. Hearing the different needs and expectations of members of the ECEIG community, P11 in Berlin was a stepping stone and the place where a dedicated RDA Mentoring Programme was launched. Finally, the P12 session in Botswana allowed for a wider and more diverse engagement to early career researchers as well as for a more formal connection to the Early Career Researchers and Scientists Network.

Additional links to informative material related to the group 
Group web page: https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/early-career-and-engagement-ig

Our case statement can be found here: https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/early-career-and-engagement/case-state...

Additional information can be found in the IG GitHub repo (https://github.com/fpsom/rda-eceig).

Meeting objectives 

The objectives of the meeting are to:
- Attract early-career participants of RDA P13 in order to get direct feedback
- Enhance the group of mentors
- Discuss potential training and professional development activities
- Explore effective structures of monthly Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) meetings, which have been established in order to complement the Mentoring Programme, and evaluate the first year of their operation. 
- Plan for social interaction amongst current and prospective ECEIG members.

Meeting agenda

1. Round of lightning talks from participating ECR (including RDA fellows)
2. Discuss progress on live document of knowledge and advice for ECEIG members.
3. Discuss Mentoring Programme.
4. Schedule a social event for current and prospective ECEIG members in Philadephia, USA.

Group chair serving as contact person

Fotis E. Psomopoulos

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Working meeting

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