IG Disciplinary Collaboration Framework - RDA 12th Plenary Meeting

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02 July 2018 860 reads

Meeting title
Building the corpus of disciplinary interoperability use cases (Remote Access Instructions) 

Meeting room: Serondela 4

Collaborative session notes


Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

The Disciplinary Collaboration Framework Interest Group (DCF IG) is focused on the problem of creating processes and mechanisms to support the sharing of the expertise and experience gained within specific domains with other domains where that experience may be of great benefit.

The mandate of the DCF IG includes acting as an inter-disciplinary open forum, taking action towards the defragmentation of the disciplinary groups landscape, and identifying common technical challenges across disciplines. Ultimately, a major goal of the Research Data Alliance is enabling Interoperability across data collections and data services and Interoperability across disciplines.

Interoperability of data and services across disciplines is a central requirement for enabling disciplinary data management groups to make a contribution to the broader world of research, education, and the common good. The pursuit of Interoperability enlightens disciplinary practitioners about what features of their own field’s data sharing and management techniques are generic and shareable.

Over the short course of this group within RDA, it was quickly identified that working towards disciplinary interoperability, requires not only generic solutions (standards) which ensure syntactic data interoperability, but mainly a peer to peer approach, led by communities of practice, aiming at building a tangible corpus of cases where semantic links between existing datasets are identified as a requirement for addressing specific scientific challenges. 

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Group charter

Backgroup paper

Group report from RDA Barcelona Plenary:

In preparation for the meeting, a table with instructions on how it will be populated during the meeting will be circulated. Attendees will be requested to have this reviewed before joining the session. 

Meeting objectives

The DCF IG session will focus on: 

1. Shortly introduce the scope and mission of the group to the newcomers;
2. Further clarifying the conceptual model already introduced in previous working sessions, to provide more clarity and also attempt to ground truth it;
3. Engage with the attendees of the session to collect ad-hoc (through a structured and interactive manner) use cases, which articulate need for semantic links between specific data classes traditionally curated by different communities of practice;
4. Set a feasible timeline for actions and identify members with interest to embark on specific activities pertinent to the current goals of the group.

Meeting agenda

1. Short introduction to the group and summary of activity
2. Discussion on the current approach towards building a disciplinary interoperability corpus of use cases
3. Interactive session with ad-hoc electronic and structured collation of use cases from audience
4. Discussion and next steps 


Group chair serving as contact person
Dimitris Koureas

Type of Meeting             
Working Meeting

Remote Access Instructions:

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