IG Data Fabric Recommendations Session RDA 9th Plenary meeting

Meeting title

DFIG Recommendations Session

Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group: 

The DFIG has the following scope of activities 
• Discussing various aspects of making data creation and re-use in labs much more efficient 
• Discussing essential components to be used in data fabrics and stimulating specifications and implementations
• Discussing and initiating work on concrete testbeds and offering a platform for discussing configurations of components
• Aggregating assertions about components and topic areas and coming to broadly supported recommendations
• Building bridges to other groups working on similar issues

Additional links to informative material related to the group i.e. group page, Case statement, working documents etc

All information can be found on the DFIG web-page: https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/data-fabric-ig.html

Meeting objectives

In this session we want to discuss concrete recommendations as has been decided at the Denver plenary and as has been confirmed during the chairs meeting. A charrette for the PID topic area will be built in January, a GEDE group working on the PID topic area has led to requirements and recommendations and assertions about this topic area have been collected (see recommendations page). 
This session is meant to find agreements on such assertions where possible and identify areas of disagreement. The meeting will not give wide explanations but expect that participants read the material. So this session is a real working meeting and needs to happen after the DFIG core session

This meeting should be organised after the DFIG Core session.

Meeting agenda

1. Summerisation of assertions and charrette outcomes
2. Summerisation of GEDE outcomes
3. Discussing agreements and disagreements
4. Wrap Up and next steps


Experts who are interested in the PID topic area are invited to participate. They should read the material on the web-site.

Group chairs serving as contacts: Bridget Almas, Peter Wittenburg

Type of meeting: Working meeting

Group maturity: more than 18 months