IG Data Fabric - RDA 12th Plenary meeting

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02 July 2018 799 reads

Meeting title
Data Fabric IG meeting

Meeting room: Okavango 1

Collaborative Session Notes


Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

Throughout the last years, the data fabric group has established a conceptual framework for digital object management with particular emphasis on applications within research data infrastructures, dealing with their day-to-day problems of making data management more efficient and effective, providing added value for users not possible today due to gaps between repositories and other operational systems. The notion of data fabric components is a key element in this framework, and past discussions have focused particularly on PID-related components. This resulted in the foundation of the Kernel Information group in particular, which deals with the PID component in detail.

The group has recently completed two Supporting Output documents (links provided below) which summarize the most up-to-date state of discussions in areas central to the Data Fabric theme and are well suited as introductory material for newcomers. Familiarity with the material may be beneficial to make most of the plenary session time.

Additional links

Group home page:

Webinar: Data Fabrics

Supporting Output: Virtual Layer recommendations summary

Supporting Output: GEDE report - Consolidated Assertions on PIDs

Meeting objectives

With the Data Fabric framework established and components laid out, the meeting will focus on detailing new components and their interactions. After group discussion at the previous RDA Plenary in berlin, this particularly includes components for metadata and provenance management, digital objects and identifiers, data processing and the combination of these into a coherent Data Fabric. Input from any stakeholders on these is very much welcome in the group discussions.

Meeting agenda

- Introduction (10 min.)
- Component topics and use case presentations (40 min.)
- Open discussion (30 min.)
- Next steps until P13 (10 min.)

Agenda details will be updated prior to the session.


Data managers, infrastructure and service providers, community engagement stakeholders, component developers.

Group chair serving as contact person
Jianhui Li

Type of Meeting
Informative meeting