IG Data Fabric - RDA 10th Plenary meeting

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21 June 2017 1126 reads

Meeting title:

IG Data Fabric Core Session 

A short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group:

The Data Fabric Interest Group is concerned with overarching topics in infrastructure building and research data usage across life-cycle stages of data creation and consumption. The observation that has been made many times already in the past is that infrastructure building for research data often revolves around building similar solutions for common concerns, which seems inefficient and wasteful, yet the issues persist as the similarities often exist at a yet poorly understood conceptual level. The Data Fabric group acknowledges that these common concerns can be expressed as higher-level conceptual components, one step abstracted from the concrete implementations within projects and across scientific communities and disciplines. Conceptualizing and clearly describing these components will therefore help many stakeholders to focus their efforts and build towards modular re-use, and eventually contribute to a better understanding of infrastructure and service provisioning.

Additional links to informative material related to the group i.e. group page, Case statement, working documents etc:


A reference to the supporting output draft document will be provided prior to P10.

Meeting objectives:

The DFIG has been preparing a candidate supporting output document as a synthesis of earlier data fabric work, which addresses questions regarding the use of components to build a common Global Digital Object Cloud (GDOC) and takes the conceptual description of the identified components to a more detailed level. The primary purpose of the meeting is to review the document draft, incorporate feedback and gather ideas for follow-up work. A link to the draft document will be provided prior to the plenary on this page. It is planned that the document will enter the formal RDA output process after the plenary.

Meeting agenda

  1. Introduction into Data Fabric, GDOC and component concepts

  2. Presentation of related efforts:

    1. Mike Kearney (CCSDS)

    2. Pascal Lesage (BONSAI)

  3. Discussion of open points, possible related concepts and next steps

Target audience:

RDA Community, particularly those interested in giving feedback on the proposed output document.

Group chair serving as contact person: Tobias Weigel

Type of meeting: Working meeting

Session Room: International 2

Session Time:  Tuesday 19 September, Breakout 3, 16:00 - 17:30

Collaborative session notes:



Session slides and materials:



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