IG Data for Development - RDA 12th Plenary meeting

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02 July 2018 805 reads

Meeting title
Capacity Building for Data Management and Participation in International Surveys in Africa (Remote Access Instructions) 

Chairs and co-chairs: Norman Mukasa, Simone Haasler, Ingvill C. Mochmann

Meeting room: Moremi 1 

Collaborative session notes


Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

Data collection, data management, and statistical data analysis are the basis for monitoring the economic and social development of societies. In terms of understanding global developments and interlinkage between major social and economic dynamics, large-scale international surveys such as the annually run International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) are an important source of analysis. Based on a cross-national collaboration that started in 1984 with four founding members (Australia, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States) the ISSP today extends to over 50 member countries from all over the world with only two ISSP African member countries and no East African member country.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, data generation and services related to the production and accessibility of reliable data to monitor social development and, ultimately, to contribute to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are only rudimentary developed and not always effectively produced and monitored by local actors. While in some countries national bureaus of statistics collect basic census-based and survey-based data, these data typically are not shared and not accessible to researchers. Some data collection is also organized by international organizations (like NGOs or the UN), which rely on their own selective data bases to support their respective development agenda. Where African initiatives have sought to foster data production and availability, alliances can only to very limited degree revert to support from African expertise.

The overall aim of the IG Data for Development is to address specific needs and challenges regarding data access and sharing in developing countries. This particular session is focusing on aspects related in particular to survey research in Africa.

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Meeting objectives

By forming part of international data alliances and surveys, African countries facilitate and promote the spread of international standards of survey methodology and development in their countries.
The proposed session seeks to address issues related to what is needed to increase the participation of African countries in international surveys. This includes aspects of data collection and sharing; national technology and infrastructure; data literacy and data management expertise; developing reliable data infrastructure and services; and, last but not least, the commitment needed from African stakeholders.

Meeting agenda

- Capacity builiding: presentation of a collaboration initiative between Germany and Uganda which seeks to develop research data infrastructures together with African partners .

- Training: presentation of a summer school programme in data collection, data management, data sharing and data analysis

- Examples: presentation of use cases from the field of health, education, business and human rights

Audience: Please specify who is your target audience and how they should prepare for the meeting

Target audience include amongst others participants
- interested in survey research in general and large-scale cross-national comparative surveys in particular
- with conducting research in Africa, in particular survey research
- interested in/ familiar with development of data centres and open science Africa
- experienced with issues of relevance to the meeting objective described above

Participants are encourage to share input prior to the meeting to allow for an efficent structure and discussion of the meeting

Group chair serving as contact person

Ingvill Constanze Mochmann

Type of meeting
Working meeting

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