IG Chemistry Research Data - RDA 12th Plenary Meeting

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02 July 2018 986 reads

Meeting title
Connecting Research Data Across Communities: Shared Challenges (Remote Access Instructions)

Meeting room: Moremi 1

Collaborative session notes


Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

The RDA Chemistry Research Data Interest Group (CRDIG) aims to provide a bridge between the chemistry community and wider research data initiatives taking place within the RDA.

Specifically its aims are:

- To channel use cases inspired by the data needs of chemists into RDA discussions and projects;
- To raise awareness of existing and chemistry data activities taking place in other communities including IUPAC, InChI Trust, ACS CINF, RSC and others;
- To identify how RDA outputs could be adopted to benefit chemistry research.

Additional links

Group Page: https://bit.ly/digchem
Case Statement: http://bit.ly/digchem-case
Current Chemistry Research Data Activity: http://bit.ly/digchem-activity

Meeting objectives

To update the wider RDA community on current chemistry research data initiatives

To hear from the wider RDA community about research data activities of relevance to the chemistry community

To understand what the wider community might need from the chemistry research data community to enable research and related activities

To engage with the wider community in discussion of shared research data challenges

Meeting agenda

Introduction to the group and the Chemistry Research Data Community [5 mins]

Update on recent Chemistry Research Data activities [15 mins]
Projects that are likely to be covered include GO FAIR, Spectra Standards, InChI Developments, IUPAC Gold Book (Compendium of Chemical Terminology), Proposed IUPAC Handbook for Cheminformatics Data Standards

Updates on relevant activities and needs from other groups in RDA [15 mins]
A call will be put out for brief contributions from other RDA groups nearer the time

Shared challenges: Topics for deeper discussion [50 mins]
- How do we build the relationships required to achieve interdisciplinary interoperability (follow-on from joint IUCr/IUPAC SciDataCon session)
- Going FAIR: putting it all together - standards, workflows, tools, culture
- Scientists - where are they, how to engage users and their use cases

Wrap-up and closing [5 mins]


The session is aimed at anyone with an interest in chemistry and data from all disciplines and stakeholder groups.

Group chair serving as contact person
Ian Bruno

Type of meeting
Informative meeting

Remote Access Instructions:

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

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