IG Active Data Management Plans RDA 9th Plenary meeting

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11 January 2017 6660 reads

Meeting title

Define, developing and testing machine-actionable DMPs

Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group: 

The Active Data Management Plans Interest Group was created to act as a coordinating international focus for the development of ideas around of the function and format of data management plans (DMPs.) DMPs have been used widely within academic and commercial research contexts for a number of years and the past decade has seen them required by an increasing number of public research funders. Current practice leads to the production of DMPs as textual documents, failing to exploit the potential for interoperability and machine actions in their production and consumption. Developments in services and related data and metadata standards offers the potential for change. The group's goal is to coordinate this change, identify the areas where effort will lead to the greatest benefit and mobilise coordinated uptake of changes by service providers and other stakeholders.

Additional links to informative material related to the group i.e. group page, Case statement, working documents etc

The most relevant materials are the presentations from a summer 2016 meeting at CERN on machine-readable DMPs, (https://indico.cern.ch/event/520120/) material from the joint session at RDA P8 - two documents in the group's RDA repository (https://www.rd-alliance.org/data-management-plans) and the Roadmap project blog, which describes the convergence efforts between the world's two leading systems for writing DMPs: https://blog.dmptool.org/category/roadmap-project/

Meeting objectives

The objective of this meeting will be to identify specific tasks in the development of a specification for machine-actionable DMPs, and in testing the specification, that could be undertaken by a new working group or groups. To do this, the meeting will begin with a summary of recent developments from workshops on this topic that have taken place in the last six months and identification of funded projects which are already charged with making progress in this area. The meeting will also identify specific mechanisms to bring in stakeholders such as funders and RIM system providers who will have requirements for machine-actionable DMPs or constraints on their form and function.

Meeting agenda

1. Summary of conclusions from CERN, IDCC and other relevant workshops (20 minutes)
2. Presentation of potential work items, outline specification and stakeholders (15 minutes)
3. Group work to refine this and define scope of new working group(s) (45 minutes)
4. Summary, actions, next steps (10 minutes)


Creators of DMPs; consumers of DMPs; research data infrastructure administrators; DMP service providers
Prepare by familiarisation with functionality of existing DMP services if not already aware (DMPonline & DMPTool.)
Study of material from Denver & CERN meetings.

Group chairs serving as contacts: Kevin Ashley

Type of meeting:Working meeting

Group maturity: 12-18 months

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