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Scalable Dynamic Data Citation Methodology

By Andreas Rauber

The aim of the Dynamic Data Citation Working Group was to devise a simple, scalable mechanism that allows the precise, machine-actionable identification of arbitrary sub selections of data at a given point in time irrespective of any subsequent addition, deletion or modification. The approach recommended by the Working Group relies on dynamic resolution of a data citation via a time-stamped query also known as dynamic data citation. It is based on time-stamped and versioned source data and time-stamped queries utilized for retrieving the desired dataset at the specific time in the appropriate version.


Machine Actionable Policy Templates - Practical Policy WG Recommendations

By Reagan Moore

Computer actionable policies are used to enforce management, automate administrative tasks, validate assessment criteria, and automate scientific analyses. The benefits of using policies include minimization of the amount of labor needed to manage a collection, the ability to publish to the users the rules that are being used, and the ability to automate process management.