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About IASSIST - The International Association for Social Science Information Services and Technology

IASSIST was founded in 1974 as an international non-profit organization to support research and teaching in the social sciences. Our members around the world work in information technology, libraries, data services, research & higher education, government, non-profit and private research sector to discover data, curate it, make it available, and keep it available. We want to leverage our unique expertise in the social sciences to help benefit all data professionals and support open science. Our volunteers are working together to advocate for responsible data management, sharing and use, to build a broader community surrounding research data, and encourage the development of data professionals.


As an organisation, IASSIST strives to advance research infrastructures in the social sciences and beyond, foster a network of excellence for data service delivery, and provide online and face-to-face opportunities for collegial exchange of sound professional practices. These goals align very well with RDA’s guiding principles. Like RDA, we want to emphasize the importance of open sharing of data, and open sharing of knowledge. As a community driven organization we seek to liaise with other data communities, contribute to their work, and be stronger together.



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Tuomas J. Alaterä, President of IASSIST


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IASSIST President, IT Services Specialist at the Finnish Social Science Data Archive, focusing on digital preservation of research data and cultural heritage, webdesign, and user services.