Health Data IG Meeting in Montreal Calling for Collaborative Support in Further Activities

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14 Nov 2017

Health Data IG Meeting in Montreal Calling for Collaborative Support in Further Activities

For all those who could not attend the Health Data IG session in Montreal, we had two sessions: Health Data Mapping and Diverging Trends In Health Data Protection, and a BoF session, titled Making Use of Blockchain in Dealing with Health Data; we have some news to share with all the RDA community!

First, we are glad to congratulate Leslie McIntosh for having been appointed Executive Director for the RDA-US, as much as to welcome her as one of the co-chairs of the Health Data IG. She has been a very active member of the group, promoting the group’s activity on mapping the health data domain.

Second, following an internal discussion at the last meeting, we are looking for more concrete outcomes of our HDIG activity, and two task groups are going to be established: 1) Developing an assessment tool for operationalising key concepts of research transparency in the biomedical domain; and, 2) Drafting a Report on the impact of the GDPR on Health Data and related issues, highlighting different data protection standards worldwide (US/North America, Australia/Pacific area, etc.)

The first results of the works will be presented at the next Plenary meeting, already planned from 18 to 23 March in Berlin. Anyone wishing to contribute and participate to the task groups is welcome to subscribe to the HDIG (

The first meeting, via TC, will take place in November (notified via mail) and monthly TCs are foreseen until the next Plenary.

Finally, in the second session dedicated to Making use of Blockchain in Dealing with Health Data, David Manset from Almerys presented an inspiring talk focused on the connection between blockchain and trust, and their role in building a “big (sensitive) data market.” The audience has given support to moving forward in the process of a recognised working group on “Blockchain and Health Data”, which may already have its first official meeting at the next 11th Plenary in Berlin.

Details on Case Statement submission and TAB review process will follow, anyone interested in joining the WG please contact the HDIG co-Chairs.

Looking forward to meeting you all in our Group’s activities!