Guidelines on how to describe and represent wheat data

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07 June 2017 1195 reads


webinar, specific on RDA Outputs


15 June 2016 16:00 CEST / 14:00 UTC


Esther Dzale Yeumo, Richard Fulss


The Wheat Data Interoperability Guidelines describe a set of guiding rules to foster wheat data interoperability, with the purpose of helping researchers create, manage and exchange wheat data. The webinar will present the content of the guidelines and provide insights on how to access and use them for what benefits. You will also learn how to contribute to the maintenace of the guidelines. The recommendations have been prepared by members of the Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group (WG), one of the WGs of the Research Data Alliance and the only WG of the Agriculture Data Interoperability Interest Group, in coordination with the Wheat Initiative, a global initiative that aims to reinforce synergies between bread and durum wheat national and international research programs, to increase food security, nutritional value and safety while taking into account societal demands for sustainable and resilient agricultural production systems.