Working Group Process Task Force


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This Task Force was created by Council and charged with defining the complete WG process from initial idea to delivery and maintenance of final deliverables (including key handoffs and transitions).


  • Mark Parsons, Secretariat (chair)
  • Stefanie Kethers, Secretariat
  • Bill Michener, Technical Advisory Board 
  • Francoise Genova, Technical Advisory Board 
  • Andrew Treloar, Technical Advisory Board 
  • Fran Berman, Council
  • Ross Wilkinson, Council

Recent Activity

11 Nov 2014

Re: [process_tf] RD-A Process Task Force: suggested meeting

Dear all,
The (final?) meeting of the Process Task Force will be on
Monday, 24 November, at 21:00 UTC.
The agenda will be:
- Brief update on the review processes
- Discussion of feedback on processes received at and after P4
- Decision on whether to disband the Task Force.
Please find below the information on the GoTo meeting we'll be using.
Best wishes,
RDA WG Process Taskforce meeting
- 1. Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

13 Aug 2014

Communicating processes to RDA members

Dear all,
This is a reminder for the RDA WG Process TF meeting on Thursday, 14
August, at 12 noon UTC. The information on the GoTo meeting is located
The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss how to communicate the
processes to the various stakeholders, in particular RDA members involved
in (or wanting to become involved in) WGs, IGs, and BoFs. Please find
attached draft documents that are meant to replace the pages currently
describing these processes on the RDA Web site:

01 Jul 2014

Working Group Outcomes / Recommendations Review Process

21 July 2014: Diagrams have been revised following the TF meeting on 2 July 2014 and comments from Andrew Treloat and Francoise Genova.

(The original diagrams are still attached, but not displayed as attachments).

Draft of the review process for recommendations produced by a WG. The process largely follows the general review process also used for IG Charters and WG Case Statements.

Items for discussion in the TF meeting on 2 July 2014:

- What happens if the Recommendation needs to be revised, but the WG has already finished?

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