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Plenary 3 work session preparatory document

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    Draft Agenda + preparatory work


    Slot 1: Describe the deliverables: define more precisely the contents of the outputs and the associated tasks

    Slot 2: Planning: Identify the next steps to reach and assign the tasks. Discuss and plan upcoming meetings.








    Report on the survey of existing standards

    Who answered the questionnaire?

    For each data type, what ontologies, data formats, metadata standards are (most) used?

    What are the gaps that need to be filled in?


    Conceive the survey

    March 2014


    Run the survey (For how long?)

    March 2014


    Analyze the results

    Write the report (June 2014)

    June 2014


    Wheat linked data framework specification document (cookbook)

    List and description of existing resources : ontologies, data formats and metadata standards by data type.

    Example of mapping(s) between correlated  ontologies/formats

    Decision tree based on recommended resources

    According to the survey report, choose the example(s) and perform the mapping(s).

    December 2014


    Agree on recommendations to be done.

    December 2014


    Design of the decision tree.

    June 2015


    Write the cookbook.

    September 2015



    A prototype of data integration based on the examples of mappings described in the cookbook

    A web interfaced demonstrating possibilities of wheat data interoperability using a set of selected linked vocab and ontologies

    Choose the frameworks to use (examples : COEUS, KARMA)

    July 2014


    Sketch an integration use case

    December 2014


    Implement the use case.


    June 2015




    Library of linked vocabularies and ontologies in machine readable formats with respect to the Linked Data standards



    Triple store with the vocab and ontologies identified in the survey report.

    Lookable and navigable Website

    Convert the vocab and ontologies in RDF

    December 2014


    Install and configure a dedicated triple store

    December 2004


    Design a website with search functions

    June 2015




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