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Selecting Terms and Ontologies Task Group

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    John Graybeal

    This group provides a focal point and communication path for people interested in the tasks of ontology recommendations and term recommendations.

    Many semantic repositories are now in existence, but relatively few of them actually provide much in the way of ontology recommendations or term recommendaetions beyond auto-completion (in search) and badging (in browse).  

    Though there are many people involved in the group, none (including the chair) have expressed interest in driving the group toward analysis or solution of this problem. Accordingly, it is serving primarily as a connection point until such time that one or more members have the time to work in earnest on the problem.

    Meanwhile, one initiative that has a public presence is a Google doc that outlines a notional white paper with strategies for making recommendations about terms and ontologies, that people could then use to select the best terms. The document goals are copied below. This paper can be edited by anyone interested; please see the link at, and add your name to the author list if you do start to add content.


    Collect a reasonably comprehensive list of metrics and indicators of the value of a term or ontology, including considerations of fitness for purpose. Discuss possible sources of the needed data for those metrics. Reflect how the metrics can be adjusted (either in weighting, or in content) for particular use case


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