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FAIR Semantic Repositories Task Group (FSRTG)

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    Alexandra Kokkinaki

    As part of the FAIRsFAIR project, the FAIR Semantics team has released its first set of recommendations ( providing guidance for resource creators, research communities, and semantic repositories on how to apply the FAIR principles to semantic artefacts (vocabularies, ontologies, and similar resources). Thereby supporting interoperability as defined by the I1 of the principles, among others.

    In order to evaluate the recommendations and their potential for adoption and implementation by semantic repositories an RDA VSSIG Task Group is being set up. The ‘FAIR Semantic Repositories’ Task Group (FSRTG) aims to establish:

    * The level to which semantic repositories are already following the recommendations;

    * If and how they are being met;

    * and the perceived relevance and importance of the recommendations from the perspective of semantic repositories and semantic technology service providers.

    By participating in the FSRTG, repositories can learn from each other about how FAIR is being implemented across other disciplines and domains. The FSRTG is expected to run over a 6-week period from early September to mid-October, delivering an output in time for the RDA P16 Virtual Plenary.

    We are specifically interested to collaborate with people working within or close to semantic repositories, registries, and services but all those interested are welcome.


    Chairs: Alexandra Kokkinaki ( and Gerard Coen (


    Gwen Moncoiffe

    Alison Pamment 

    Barbara Magagna 

    Simon Cox

    Clement Jonquet 

    Rob Atkinson 

    Nicholas Carr

    Neil Holdsworth 

    Emna Amdouni 

    Mehdi Abbasi 




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