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    Dear Jamie,
    Thank you very much for your sincere mail. You addressed Mark and I think you received already a reply from both Mark and Herman. My apologies for chiming in a bit late but I struggle currently with the mail flow and was not alerted by your input before yesterday. I am responsible for the RDA Europe activities in Europe though the RDA Europe 3 project. I thought the setup had been communicated quite wide already but your mail, once again, revealed the fact that things explained on the RDA and RDA Europe web sites are not always read.
    1) There is only one Research Data Alliance (Global) registered in UK and running the RDA Plenaries, the working, interest groups and BoFs and the RDA ( ) web site.
    2) Currently RDA (Global) is supported through financial streams from USA, Europe and Australia + small bits through the OA membership fees.
    3) USA, Europe and Australia have created entities RDA US, RDA Europe and RDA AU, which apart from supporting the RDA (Global) also create activities that support the goals of the RDA regionally. Let me take as an example the RDA Europe.
    * There is first the RDA Europe 3 project that has a contract with the European Commission to support
    the European researchers to participate in the RDA (Global) activities. The RDA Europe 3 project that
    has contractual obligations towards EC has its own governing structure, including the Board of Directors.
    * The RDA Europe effort again comes together through the numerous meetings and workshops the
    RDA Europe 3 project is organising through the year. The RDA Europe 3 project also invites stakeholders
    every 6 months for a meeting currently called Synchronisation Assembly (SyA), for a broad feedback.
    4) We can also see that, due to strong local activities, entities calling themselves RDA Germany, RDA UK and
    even RDA Finland are created, just to mention some. There is no legal binding obligations between for example
    RDA (Global) and RDA Finland. These RDA X entities should seen as groups of people coming together
    around important matters that relate to the RDA (Global) working and interest groups, not as any legal entities.
    5) None of the RDA X entities can speak on behalf of RDA (Global) if not given the permission by RDA (Global).
    Mark can shed more light on RDA Council views on this matter.
    To my knowledge there are no secret or nontransparent entities in the RDA (Global) context. However, I can share the view that in this complex RDA X landscape it is not always easy to catch an event, which can be organised very locally or globally. However, I know that all events have been announced either on the global or regional level. Communication is a complicated business and one always have to balance between not going too wide (annoy people) and still guarantee that people get the notification about for example events. It might be a good idea to channel all event announcements through the OA or OAB but before that we need a decision from the OAB/OAB about hat.
    The RDA Europe project has finalised the arrangements for the next Science Workshop (SW) in Paris. I can ask Francoise Genova if we have somehow by mistake omitted the continuation. What comes again to the transparence of the SWs the RDA Europe project is to announce soon the open bidding, as we have done with the previous ones.
    I am sure the RDA Europe project can improve the communication about the RDA activities also towards the RDA Europe initiative. In fact this was already discussed in a recent RDA Europe project work package meeting. I am also sure this will be discussed in the next SyA meeting, planned for April but date still open. No commitments had been made at any time to arrange the next SyA meeting in connection with the planned Data Management Plan workshop in April at CERN.
    I am happy to continue this discussion, if needed. However, it is not easy to against rumours, sayings or feelings. We can’t just flood everybody’s mail with information. We will have to count on some activity also from the RDA members.
    Best wishes,
    — leif

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