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Re: [rda-oab][value-engagement-oa] [rda-oab][value-engagement-oa] ‘Final’ draft of V&E document

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    Jamie Shiers

    Thanks Fabrizio for these comments.
    In the meantime, I notice that the Future Directions Planning report has been endorsed by Council and this includes quite a few of the points that we have been making:
    So we probably need to update “our” document in the light of this one.
    Cheers, Jamie
    Develop robust coordination mechanisms that improve organisational effectiveness
    and integration.
    Specific actions
    Action 1: Develop an approach and appropriate groups or mechanisms to
    maintain/expand adoption of the outputs of Working Groups.
    Action 2: Develop and implement an effective process to track and expedite RDA
    processes, actions, and outputs.
    Action 3: Develop an organisational map to articulate and improve missions, outcomes
    and interactions between constituent organisational groups. Realise the map in RDA
    processes and mechanisms to improve coordination, engagement and communication.
    Action 4: Develop an RDA approach and mechanisms for better coordination and
    communication among RDA Regions.
    On 15 Feb 2016, at 22:40, Fabrizio.Gagliardi wrote:
    Thanks Jamie, I appreciated your frank and honest review of RDA and
    recommendations. Having known you for more than 30 years this was not a
    surprise ;=)
    While agreeing in general on your analysis and recommendations I have some
    specific comments I would like to share with the rest of this task force.
    Sorry for entering late in the loop but life has been a bit complicated for
    me lately.
    I attach my annotated (track changes enabled) copy for your consideration.
    Well done and best regards,
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    Sent: 11 February 2016 08:29
    To: Value and Engagement for Organisational Members; RDA Organisational
    Advisory Board (OAB)
    Subject: [rda-oab][value-engagement-oa] ‘Final’ draft of V&E document
    Dear all,
    Attached is a (close to?) final draft of the document.
    I have tried to make the recommendations more concrete and made a few other
    small changes (consistent spelling of organisation, clarification of
    bi-annual as opposed to biennial etc.)
    I would suggest that this could now be handed over to the “elected by
    acclaim” OAB to ensure that it is correctly implemented and receives the
    appropriate follow up.
    Perhaps I should upload it into Zenodo and give it a DOI? (Only 1/2 joking –
    shouldn’t we practice what we preach?)
    Cheers, Jamie
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