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RE: [rda-oab][value-engagement-oa] ‘Final’ draft of V&E document

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    Thanks Jamie, I appreciated your frank and honest review of RDA and
    recommendations. Having known you for more than 30 years this was not a
    surprise ;=)
    While agreeing in general on your analysis and recommendations I have some
    specific comments I would like to share with the rest of this task force.
    Sorry for entering late in the loop but life has been a bit complicated for
    me lately.
    I attach my annotated (track changes enabled) copy for your consideration.
    Well done and best regards,
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Jamie.Shiers=***@***.***
    [mailto:***@***.***] On Behalf Of Jamie Shiers
    Sent: 11 February 2016 08:29
    To: Value and Engagement for Organisational Members; RDA Organisational
    Advisory Board (OAB)
    Subject: [rda-oab][value-engagement-oa] ‘Final’ draft of V&E document
    Dear all,
    Attached is a (close to?) final draft of the document.
    I have tried to make the recommendations more concrete and made a few other
    small changes (consistent spelling of organisation, clarification of
    bi-annual as opposed to biennial etc.)
    I would suggest that this could now be handed over to the “elected by
    acclaim” OAB to ensure that it is correctly implemented and receives the
    appropriate follow up.
    Perhaps I should upload it into Zenodo and give it a DOI? (Only 1/2 joking –
    shouldn’t we practice what we preach?)
    Cheers, Jamie


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