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    Jamie – Yes; thank you! I agree (almost).
    Some (many?) RDA* activities might find even that level of reporting onerous, and the OAB receptor weary of a surfeit of “nothing to report” reports – or, worse, tire of sorting through routine “activity” reports to find the “accomplishment” or “heads up” reports.
    But if the Council were to tell the RDA* activities “Whenever you have done, or are doing, or contemplate doing, something that affects the organisational members, or that you’d just like them to know about, send it to and the OAB will disseminate”, then the reporting could be left to the discretion of the activities.
    Of course there may be some activities for which monthly reports to OAB are appropriate as you suggest, and that would be fine too.
    I do think however, that in return for such a Council dispensation, the OAB should accept the obligation of a monthly (bi-monthly?) report to the organisational members.

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