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Re: [rda_urbanqli_wg] Possible approach to develop an Urban Data Dictionary

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    Chris Pettit

    Dear Max,
    This looks like an excellent idea. I would be keen we discuss this further at the 5th Plenary.
    In the work we are doing in AURIN and even broader across Australia I can see many benefits to such an approach.
    From: Massimo Craglia
    Reply-To: RDA Urban Quality of Life
    Date: Thursday, 6 November 2014 4:31 am
    To: RDA Urban Quality of Life
    Cc: Lorenzino VACCARI , Andrea Perego
    Subject: Re: [rda_urbanqli_wg] Possible approach to develop an Urban Data Dictionary
    Dear WG,
    in our revised case statement we put forward the following:
    The WG will assess the feasibility of developing a dedicated urban data dictionary, leveraging existing thesauri and dictionaries such as the INSPIRE feature concept dictionary, the General Environmental Multilingual Thesaurus, EuroVOC, etc. and augmented by folksonomies derived from social networks data mining.
    Clearly ISO 37120 will be a key point of reference for this work, but we are not sure whether there is an open registry con containing all the terms and definitions underpinning the global city indicators. If this is the case, then maybe we can use an instance of that registry to do the work outlined above. If not, maybe we can start from the core set of aligned vocabularies discussed in the attached proposal. A mixed approach is also possible.
    Let me know what you think,
    I put my colleagues Lorenzino and Andrea in copy as they have developed the proposal outlined in the attachment.
    Best wishes,

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