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RDA Data Share Fellow position to support Urban Quality of Life Indicators IG

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    Chris Pettit

    Hi All,
    There is an opportunity for an RDA Data Share Fellow to assist us with activities in the IG.
    I will add this to the agenda for the meeting on Wednesday.
    Such a position needs to be US based, so if there are any of our US members keen to apply to host a Data Share Fellow would be keen to know.
    Click here to view this message on the web. Friday 13 February 2015
    [RDA] [… [… [… […
    Project Call: engage an RDA Data Share Fellow in your group!
    Subject: Seeking your project ideas for a RDA Data Share Fellow
    Through a generous grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the RDA Data Share program is pleased to offer those of you engaged in RDA Working Group, Interest Group, and Coordination Group activity, an early career Fellow to advance your group’s work. Early career researchers are phenomenal assets: they bring energy, effort, and fresh perspectives. They want mentoring and learning experiences in return. A Fellow will engage with your project for 12-18 months, and receive a summer stipend and travel to RDA Plenaries.
    What do I need to do to engage a Fellow? Start by defining a project related to your own RDA engagement, and one that you’d be willing to mentor a Fellow on. The project needs to be scoped for 12-18 months with the bulk of the work to take place in the summer.
    Are there example projects? Example 12-month projects are here:…, and additional examples here:
    · Implement a use case for a WG product that makes the technology more useable to a community
    · Test and improve a product developed within a WG
    · Engage with potential adopting organizations and study their practices and needs
    · Develop outreach materials to disseminate information about RDA and its products
    · Adapt and transfer outputs from WGs into the broader RDA membership and other organizations
    · Engage with social sciences experts to study the human and organizational barriers to sharing
    When is my project description needed and what is needed? Applications are due the week after RDA Plenary 5, that is, by March 18, 2015. Please send the following to the program coordinators at ***@***.***:
    · Title of proposed project idea
    · Affiliated RDA group
    · 2-3 paragraph description of project idea
    · Mentor’s name
    · A list of desired skills in the Fellow
    · Expected outcome/product of the Fellowship
    · Estimated time for completing the project (hours/week, number of months)
    When does my Fellow start? We expect Fellows to be announced May 01, 2015, and start June 2015. We expect to work with project proposers during April to find best candidate match.
    What skills will my Fellow have? The fellows are expected to come from a variety of backgrounds, including communications, social and natural sciences, or informatics/computer science. The RDA Data Share program will look for a T-shaped skill set, where early cross discipline competency is combined with evidence of teamwork and communication skills, and a deep competency in one discipline.
    By proposing project ideas, you agree to mentor the U.S.-based fellow throughout their program participation. Through the RDA Data Share program, Fellows will receive training in RDA and data science, and engage in cohort building sessions. By the terms of the funding, Fellows must be affiliated with institutions in the United States.
    We need your project ideas to make this a success! Feel free to contact us with any questions at ***@***.***.
    Beth Plale, RDA Technical Advisory Board co-Chair
    Kathy Fontaine, Managing Director RDA/US
    Inna Kouper, RDA Engagement IG co-Chair
    The RDA Data Share Program is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation following a pilot program funded by the National Science Foundation under grant ACI 1349002. It is a program to engage graduate students and early career researchers with RDA and stimulate the development and adoption of RDA products. We will reach out to U.S.-based junior scholars from a diversity of backgrounds and we expect to fund 10-15 fellows per year.
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