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An Upper Level Ontology for Global City Indicators  talk by Mark Fox

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    Members of this WG may be interested in the first online session an upcoming (Th, Nov 10th) mini-series on “Domain Vocabularies, Ontologies and Semantics” – a Domain Vocabulary-Ontology Dialog. 
    Call in information etc. is at…
    This mini-series of events are co-organized or supported by members of the Ontolog , Research Data Alliance  and IAOA communities.  
    Description, Goals and Objectives This mini-series is designed to explore the current status and application of semantic science and ontologies to systematize and leverage the already large body of domain definition work on vocabularies and their meaning.
    This is a followup to the BoF on this Domain Vocabulary topic at P8.
    Our first session will include a special topic of interest to this group

    Mark Fox (University of Toronto) will talk on: An Upper Level Ontology for Global City Indicators 

    Abstract: Efforts are underway to introduce international standards for vocabularies and ontologies for Smart Cities. One area of standards development is city indicators for measuring quality of life, sustainability and resilience. This presentation will review: 1) the city indicator standard efforts as embodied in ISO 37120 and ISO 37121; 2) concepts that underly the representation of indicator definitions and data; and 3) a new ISO project JTC 1 N130171 “An Upper Level Ontology for Smart City Indicators”. 
    In addition we will have the following:

    Torsten Hahmann (University of Maine) will talk on: “Domain Reference Ontologies vs. Domain Ontologies: What’s the Difference? Lessons from the Water Domain” 

    Abstract The talk outlines an approach of using a domain-specific reference (or foundational) ontology as a tool for integrating existing semi-formal ontologies within a common domain. We will illustrate this using a reference ontology for the water domain, showing how it has helped formalize, refine and revise an existing semi-formal hydro ontology as a stepping stone towards improved semantic integration within the water domain. We present key characteristics that a domain reference ontology must fulfill and how they compare to what a typical domain or application ontology looks like. 

    Boyan Brodaric (NRCan/RNCan) will talk on: What’s a river? A foundational approach to a domain reference ontology for water 

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