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Secretariat Liaison: 
Stefanie Kethers

Thank you to everyone who participated in the session at the 4th RDA Plenary!


Please find below the slides used by the speakers:

Brief introductory presentation from the chairs (5 mins) - slides
Brief presentations (about 10 mins each) on different perspectives on eResearch sustainability issues:
  • Amir Aryani (Australian National Data Service) - slides
  • Jamie Shiers (CERN and Manager of the Data Preservation for Long-Term Analysis in High Energy Physics (DPHEP)) - slides
  • Susanna-Assunta Sansone (University of Oxford e-Research Centre, Consultant for the Nature Publishing Group (NPG)) - slides
Open discussion of questions such as:
  • How to build eResearch tools 
  • How to maintain them
  • How to promote them
  • How to build a community around them
  • How to turn tools into services
and other questions that the participants would like to bring up
Aim of the session:
Gauge interest in setting up an RDA Interest group on this topic.

Email sent out to BoF participants on 23 Dec 2014:

Dear BoF participants,
Thank you for attending the BoF on Sustainability of eResearch / Cyberinfrastructure BoF at the 4th RDA Plenary in Amsterdam.
You can find the presentations here: 
Some brief notes of the questions and comments voiced in the session:
  • Cost:
    • What are other models for sustainability, beyond grant funding?
    • How can we identify cost?
    • Some tools (xml tools) have been taken up by a community who willingly pays for the maintenance.
    • This group should connect to the Cost recovery models IG 
  • Technical sustainability:
    • Why has open source not worked? Very few commercial open source applications have been successful in scaling.
    • There is a life cycle for tools.
    • Need to make sure maintenance is easy.
    • Two different aspects: develop a new application vs harden an application so it can be used by anybody.
  • Social aspects:
    • What is the role of institutions?
    • No direct recognition for building / maintaining infrastructure
With regard to the outcomes of the BoF, we think that the concerns and views shared were very interesting and covered a wide range of aspects, but we did not recognize a focussed area that the group could work on, either as a WG or an IG. If you saw such an area, or would like to propose one, please let us know.
Thank you very much!
Best wishes,
Stefanie Kethers / Andrew Treloar (BoF convenors)