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Preparing for our session at P13: we need your help!

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    Dear all,
    as you have seen, our session proposal for P13 has been accepted,
    In the program of our session [1] we have a group activity dedicated to
    FAIR principles for Software Source Code, and we would like to ask your
    help to make it successful.
    May you share on this mailing list pointers to relevant work you are aware
    of concerning FAIR principles when it comes to Software Source Code? I
    would be very useful if you could provide also a very short summary of what
    this relevant work contains.
    We will then collect this material in the dedicated page in our group’s
    wiki [2], where you can find already an example of relevant content (slides
    from a workshope organised by DANS in 2017).
    Looking forward to your input!

    Computer Science Professor
    (on leave at INRIA from IRIF/University Paris Diderot)
    Software Heritage E-mail : ***@***.***
    INRIA Web :
    Bureau C123 Twitter :
    2, Rue Simone Iff Tel : +33 1 80 49 44 42
    CS 42112
    75589 Paris Cedex 12
    GPG fingerprint 2931 20CE 3A5A 5390 98EC 8BFC FCCA C3BE 39CB 12D3

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