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Secretariat Liaison: 
Stefanie Kethers
TAB Liaison: 
Andrew Treloar
WGs Wrapping up (from ~12 months after RDA endorsement)

Software, and in particular source code, plays an important role in science: it is used in all research fields to produce, transform and analyse research data, and is sometimes itself an object of research and/or an output of research.

Unlike research data and scientific articles, though, software source code has only very recently been recognised as important subject matter in a few initiatives related to scholarly publication and archiving. These initiatives are now working on a variety of plans for handling the identification of software artifacts.

At the same time, unlike research data and scientific articles, the overwhelming majority of software source code is developed and used outside the academic world, in industry and in developer communities where software is routinely referenced, in practice, through methods that are totally different from the ones used in scholarly publications. 
The objective of this working group is to bring together a broad panel of stakeholders directly involved in software identification.

The planned output will be concrete recommendations for the academic community to ensure that the solutions that will be adopted by the academic players are compatible with each other and especially with the software development practice of tens of millions of developers worldwide.

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Recent Activity

13 Jan 2020

[softwarecitation][SCID][software-source-code-ig] The new Software Heritage badge

Hi all,
We are excited to share with you that the Software Heritage badges
(swh-badges) are now available on the archive's web-app, on the permalink
You can browse the archive's content here:
https://archive.softwareheritage.org/ and get your badge today !!
We detail the complete instructions on our new blog post:

20 Dec 2019

For Info: Plenary 15 Session Proposal accepted

Dear Software Source Code Identification,

at its meeting on December 19, the RDA Technical Advisory Board considered your proposal for a session at Plenary 15 in 2020. 

We are happy to advise you that your session proposal has been accepted. Congratulations!

Please note that your group is currently due to finish in June 2020. It would be excellent if you could use the P15 session to get feedback and/or work on a near final draft.

Best regards,


Andrew Treloar

06 Dec 2019

RDA Plenary 15 Announcements - Registration and Calls for Co-located Events and Posters Now Open 

RDA is excited to announce several important pieces of information related to RDA Plenary 15: Data for Real-World Impact, which will be held from 18-20 March 2020 in Melbourne, Australia at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, MCEC (https://mcec.com.au/).

29 Nov 2019

Ten years reproducibility challenge: call for participation

Dear all,
I'm delighted to share an interesting initiative that calls for authors to
try to reproduce their own results, dating back 10 years or more, involving
source code they wrote.
There are so many reasons why one may fail: for a starter, one might not even
find the (right version of) the source code of the software written back then!
You can find the details of the call at https://rescience.github.io/ten-years/

28 Nov 2019

Deadline For P15 Group Session Submissions Extended To 5 December 2019

Dear RDA members, 


RDA's 15th Plenary meeting, Melbourne, Australia, 18-20 March 2020 


The deadline to submit session proposals for Plenary 15 in Melbourne, Australia has been extended to 5 December 2019, midnight UTC.

27 Nov 2019

draft Software Source Code Identification WG session proposal for RDA P15

A number of us have now completed a draft proposal for a session submission for the 15th RDA plenary (Melbourne, March 2020), to be submitted by the Software Source Code Identification WG:
I plan to submit this in 12 hours, as it's due tomorrow, which is a US holiday.
If you have any comments, please add them to the document.