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Provision of data infrastructures requires collaboration and federation of multiple organisations and bodies to realise the vision of high-value joint data infrastructures presented by the RDA and others.

For data infrastructures to be relied upon by end users, in addition to policy- and technical-level alignment, there must be a shared basis for service delivery and management within data infrastructures.

The Service Management IG considers approaches, frameworks and standards that are suitable for effective management of federated data infrastructures. Existing best-practice approaches are valuable but are inappropriate for application in emerging federations, as seen in the difficulty of formal service management in e- Infrastructure and cloud federations.

The IG builds upon community experience of deploying service management in the e-Infrastructures that will support the emerging data infrastructures as well new approaches to federated service management. It draws together requirements and recommendations that ensure that design, deployment and operation of data infrastructures can take federated management aspects into account from the beginning.

This IG is at an early stage but is now being actively developed and will be well represented at the 4th Plenary in Amsterdam, September 2014. 

The current chairs are:

Owen Appleton, Michael Brenner, Thomas Schaaf 

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The Service Managament IG is connected to the community developing the FitSM standard for lightweight service management, and the IG will generate input to help shape the development fo this standard to support initial service management needs for data infrastructures. 

There is also a strong tie to the the community around the Business-driven IT Management workshop series, now in its tenth year, held as part of the IEEE/IET NOMS/IM annual conference series.