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Presentations available for IGAD Meeting during RDA 14th Plenary!

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    The 13th Agricultural Data Interest Group (IGAD), that focused on IGAD/RDA Recommendations: Implementing Good Practices in Agriculture, took place in Helsinki on 22 October.
    Those of you who missed the Meeting will be happy to know that we have published on F1000 Research, the presentations held at IGAD this year.

    Chinese agricultural thesaurus and its application on data Sharing & interoperability. Xuefu Zhang, Guojian Xian , Jingchao Fan , Yuantao Kou
    COPO: Extending the frontiers of “FAIR” data in agriculture. Rob Davey, Anthony Etuk, Felix Shaw
    Towards FAIR food systems Data: fostering implementation. Ben Schaap, Sophie Aubin
    The global long-term agriculture experiments network metadata platform. Richard Ostler
    The Agrisemantics recommendations to improve data interoperability in agriculture. Caterina Caracciolo, Sophie Aubin , Brandon Whitehead
    Grassroots: An infrastructure for sharing services & data. Xingdong Bian, Simon Tyrrell, Robert P. Davey
    Enabling data access to support innovation in decision agriculture related to soil health, agronomy and fertilizer. Pauline L’Hénaff, Kathryn Reynolds
    The update of Japanese agriculture ontologies – crop vocabulary (CVO). Sungmin Joo , Hideaki Takeda, Akane Takezaki, Tomokazu Yoshida
    Intelligent plant data linkage: a view from history, philosophy and social studies of science. Sabina Leonelli
    Developing best practice principles for Ag Data: Australian case study. Leanne Wiseman, Jay Sanderson
    Improving agricultural data management practices: raising the bar together. Cynthia Parr
    GODAN Action. Pauline L’Hénaff
    How Agriculture DWG of OGC and IGAD RDA can cooperate on Agriculture Interoperability. Karel Charvat

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