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2017-04-06 RDRIWG P9 Meeting

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    David Wilcox


    1. Introduction to the group
    2. Presentation of the primer document
    3. Finalizing the primer document
    4. Prepare and discuss next steps
    5. Summary and concluding remarks


    Introduction to the group

    • Overview of case statement
    • Goals and deliverables
    • Work accomplished so far
    • Question about transitivity
      • If repo A is interoperable with repo B and repo B is interoperable with repo C, is repo A interoperable with repo C?
      • Yes, this is the goal

    Presentation of the primer document

    • Overview of use cases
      • Are we also focused on services or only the data?
      • Capturing services would be very difficult – the group is focused on the data
    • Overview of technologies/standards
      • Recommendation to organize the document into different categories as it is a mixed bag right now

    Finalizing the primer document

    • Document will remain open for editing until the end of April
    • Group chairs will then close for final edits and review
    • New section with RDA groups overlapping at bottom of the document
    • Compatibility matrix may not be relevant to final primer but we should keep it online as it is useful for comparing platforms and their support for different technologies/standards

    Prepare and discuss next steps

    • Group should meet virtually every 2 weeks
    • Start a Slack team for quick communication




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