Plenary 3 - Research Data Provenance Session

1330-1500 on Thursday 27 March
Session chair(s) including email address(es):
    Bridget Almas ( and Sayeed Choudhury (    
    Co-Chair Dave Dubin ( will participate remotely if this option is viable (but it's understood it might not be)
This interest group focuses on the comparison and evaluation of models for data provenance. It is concerned with questions of data origins, maintenance of identity through the data lifecycle, and how we account for data modification. Key objectives of the group include serving in an advisory and information-providing capacitity for other RDA groups with respect to data provenance issues, and exploration of interoperable solutions across complementary data provenance models and ontologies.
Session Goals:
Our goals for the P3 session are to:
  • identify specific RDA Working and Interest groups that we can work with in a substantative way going forward
  • assess interest and potential for creating an RDA Working Group specifically focused on developing use cases for and implementation of an interoperable solution using complementary data provenance models
  • raise overall awareness of the diversity of existing provenance models 
  • identify a set of concrete activities for the interest group to focus on during the time in between plenary sessions
Links to additional reading material:
- Review the Systematic Assertion Model (  and discuss approaches to combining SAM entities and properties with those from other models such as W3C's PROV and Open Annotation (OA) to provide a richer, more contextualized view of data encoding and use in humanities and scientific research. 
- Assess the interest and viability of proposing a Working Group targeted to implementation of SAM or related approach to provenance interoperability
- Engage members of specific targeted working groups** in a discussion on areas of overlap and interest related to data provenance issues
- Review the emerging group bibliography
- Make a concrete plan for post-plenary group activity