Open Technical Forum: Mechanics

Being global will make for some interesting challenges for the Open Technical Forum.  We would like to maintain a forum where the speaker has a live audience (so much better than giving your talk to the cat...) while enabling people  who can't attend the ability to replay the session and to have an opportunity to talk with the speaker. 

At a minimum

Calendaring functions

Storage and access of agendas 

Storage and access of Slides

Video conferencing with screen sharing

Ability to capture/record presentation and play them back

opportunities for questions on the recorded versions


In principle, we can use the RDA Wiki for the first three, at the least, and maybe for playback and questions.  I wasn't overjoyed with using Confluence for these functions, but it was workable.  An alternative is Indico for the agendas and slides.  Thoughts?

Does anyone have a video conference service that they like that we can use that enables desktop sharing and recording, at least of the audio?

What do people think about making a YouTube channel for playback and enabling google hangouts for questions?  I think google hangouts have a recording ability, but it's not clear to me that it's possible to record the desktop.   I think google hangouts are limited to 10 participants--which might be enough.