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Session update for RDA 8th plenary sessions

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    Dear PaNSIG and MDIIIG members,
    the RDA 8th plenary and IDW are just a few days away, so I thought to give a brief update on “our” sessions:
    [1] “Container in scientific workflows and data preservation”:
    Photon and Neutron Science Community IG
    Breakout Session 2. Thursday 15th 11:30-13:00
    Particularly interesting: Jaroslaw Nabrzyski (Uni. Notre Dame) has kindly agreed to give a short presentation on “container strategies”. You might want to check for a wealth of background information.
    [2] “Granule metadata and data flows in data sharing and publications”:
    Joint Session of the RDA /Codata Materials IG and the Photon & Neutron IG
    Breakout Session 7. Saturday 17th 09:00-10:30
    Agenda :
    Particularly interesting: Lindsay Powers (HDF Group) on “Granule metadata in HDF5 and exploitation of APIs” and Daniel Fowler (OKFN) on “Frictionless Data”, both providing compelling strategies to cope with different aspects of scientific data encapsulation and data flows.
    For both session the aim is really to stimulate discussions and possibly trigger joint activities in the field, so your participation and any contributions will be highly welcome.
    Additional materials: Lindsay has created a google sheet where you can enter some information for “HDF in the wild”. Even if you don’t plan to come to the sessions, your feedback would be highly valuable!
    Finally: I’d like to point out the joint session of IG Active Data Management Plans, IG Preservation e-Infrastructure and IG Reproducibility on “Tools Convergence: Integrating Data Management Plan and Preservation Tools” at Breakout Session 8. Saturday 17th 11:00-12:30 (… ), which covers very complementary topics.
    Best regards, Frank.

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