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Re: [rda-rdnpnsc-ig] RDA Plenary in Salzburg, Oct 23

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    David Elbert

    Hi Brian-
    This is great news! Although I’ve been peripheral so far, I will be in Salzburg and planning to participate in the session in person. There has been a lot of interest in the US MaRDA Alliance in having a working group on synchrotron FAIR data and I’ve tried to spread the word a bit more about how to coordinate between such activities already well underway in the US (mostly DOE), the more “aspiration” efforts here, and things being done internationally. I’m really looking forward to this session. Thanks to the group for pushing this ahead!
    David Elbert
    Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute
    Johns Hopkins University
    Baltimore, MD 21218 USA
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    Subject: [rda-rdnpnsc-ig] RDA Plenary in Salzburg, Oct 23
    Dear All,
    I was wondering about proposing a session of the Research data needs of the Photon and Neutron Science community IG at the next RDA plenary in
    Salzburg, 23-26 October 2023? See:
    With the ExPaNDS and PaNOSC projects finishing recently, it would be timely to share these results and also look forward to compare with activity elsewhere
    and discuss whether we might take this forward – including any results suitable for RDA recommendations.
    The deadline for session proposals is Friday 9th June! Apologies for the lateness of this, but I hope we can put something together.
    I have drafted some text as below – and also at
    (this should be an open link for anyone to comment).
    It would be good to have input from outside Europe? And also volunteers for speakers?
    (I have cheekily suggested some names).
    Meeting title: Tools for working towards the FAIR Facility
    Contact for group (email): ***@***.***
    Group(s) submitting the application: RDA-PANS IG
    Meeting Objectives:
    FAIR data has been rising on the agenda for Photon and Neutron Facilities over the last 10 years, with significant advances being made on the systematic generation and management of data to be FAIR-ly available to encourage its use and reuse. European Photon and Neutron Facilities have been engaged in two significant joint projects: PaNOSC and ExPaNDS; these have finished recently and have developed a toolkit of practical guidance and tools that facilities can use to evolve their systems and processes to deliver FAIR data as it leaves the facility. The toolkit covers areas which are of general interest to the RDA community including:
    Defining FAIR data policy for an data generating institution
    Defining and sharing metadata standards for annotating data generated within facilities.
    Tools methods and processes for managing experimental data
    The adoption of suitable Persistent Identifiers within facilities processes.
    The role of Data Management Planning in facilities
    Applying FAIR Data Assessment to Photon and Neutron Facilities.
    In this session, we would like to present this FAIR toolkit and share it with the wider RDA community, comparing with similar efforts in facilities around the world.
    The toolkit is an evolving body, so we would like to discuss how we might further its adoption and continue to develop it within future programmes.
    Future developments might include developing parts of the toolkit into an RDA recommendation. The IG meeting will discuss this and identify suitable opportunities.
    Meeting presenters:
    Meeting agenda:
    Enabling FAIR data – Lessons from ExPaNDS, a FAIR data toolkit – Brian? Or someone else?
    Implementing FAIR data – Lessons from PaNOSC, – Andy?
    Implementing DMPs – Heike?
    Assessing the FAIRness of Facilities – Brian ? Or Someone else?
    FAIR DATA MANAGEMENT Collaboration – Majid?

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